Immigration Law 

Del Amo Law helps clients with their immigration issues including but not limited to family based immigration petitions, employment based visas, investor’s visas, fiancé visas, inadmissibility and unlawful presence waivers, permanent residence or adjustment of status applications, naturalization applications, re-entry and advance parole, removal of condition on residence, asylum and withholding of removal proceedings. Each immigration case can either be a simple process or a very complicated one depending on the individual circumstances. In addition, what originally could seem like an easy process could become a very complex one if the applicant fails to disclose material information, makes a mistake in the application, or fails to submit required documents.

We personally meet with our clients and guide them through their immigration process. We complete the required forms; inform the clients of required documents that need to be provided; prepare the immigration packages and send them; receive notices from immigration authorities and inform the client of any additional information that needs to be provided.

We understand the importance of family reunification. We will help you in the process of petitioning for your spouse, son or daughter, parents and siblings. We will inform you if you qualify as a petitioner for your family member and we will complete the family based immigration petition. We will guide you in every step required to have a favorable result and have you and your family reunited.

The United States is a country of opportunities and becoming a U.S. Legal Permanent Resident or Citizen allows you to achieve your dreams. We will assist you in the process of obtaining your Work Permit, becoming a Legal Permanent Residence, and applying for Naturalization. There are numerous ways to obtain work authorization to legally work in the United States and consulting an immigration attorney is of extreme importance.

Whether you believe your individual immigration issue is simple or complex, an attorney should always be consulted to optimize the chances of accomplishing a favorable result. Each case is different and has to be thoroughly analyzed in order to obtain the best result for the client.

We know the requirements for each type of case and the information that needs to be provided. We can inform the client of all available options and explain the process. We understand the importance of resolving your immigration issues. We can help simplify the process and give you the peace of mind you deserve every step of the way by providing personalized service; responding to all your questions promptly and in a language you can understand; helping you to understand the process; and processing your case in an efficient and timely manner.

Del Amo Law is dedicated to providing quality, professional, efficient and affordable legal services. We understand your problems and speak your language. Our staff is fully bilingual. If you or someone you know in the greater South Florida area needs the assistance of an experienced lawyer, contact our office anytime, day or night, at 305-443-7005, or complete the contact form provided on this site to schedule your free initial consultation.

These are some of the immigration processes we can assist you with:

  • Register Permanent Resident or Adjustment of Status
  • Employment Authorization Applications
  • Green Card Renewals
  • Petitions to Remove Conditions on Residency
  • Naturalization Applications
  • Application for Certificate of Citizenship
  • Temporary Protected Status Applications (TPS)
  • Affirmative and Defensive Asylum
  • Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA)
  • Family Based Immigration Petitions
  • Advance Parole and Re-entry permits
  • Visa Fiance
  • Nonimmigrant Employment Visas
  • Immigrant Employment Visas
  • Investors Visas
  • Nonimmigrant Visitor Visas for Tourism or Business

If you or a loved one needs an immigration law attorney, contact Del Amo Law.