No matter how much advice you hear from others, going through a divorce will rarely be described as easy, especially if the divorce involves children. It is only human to find yourself reacting emotionally at certain stages of a divorce , but it is important to remember that your actions throughout the process can affect your familial, emotional, and financial situation for years to come.

The following are some Do’s and Don’ts to follow through the divorce process:

Although it might seem easier, to act on your emotions throughout the divorce, it is wiser that you don’t lose your cool. No matter how frustrated you get, do not make matters worse by lashing out at your spouse or your child.
Don’t criticize your ex-spouse in front of the children. You have to remember your children are always watching and every decision you make will affect them.
As mentioned in our Child Support Blog , Florida child support laws do not allow you to withhold parenting time because child support isn’t being paid. Don’t violate any visitation arrangements or change your child’s routine until it is determined by a settlement or by the Court. Not only can it make it tougher on your child, but it can make it tougher for you to get the custody or visitation rights you prefer.
It is important to remember you should not overact to your emotions. Giving yourself time before making decisions is the best approach when you are .
Do not try to manage all of your emotions by yourself. Some might find it helpful if they talk to someone, like a therapist or counselor. Your children can even be affected by your mood, so you should not feel ashamed when seeking the necessary help.
A therapist can help you with your emotions throughout the divorce process, just as an attorney can help you with taking the necessary actions to protecting your rights and protecting your child’s interests.
Do analyze what the best approach would be to solve the issue at hand. No one said a divorce was going to be easy; and you should not go through it alone.

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